IDEA Journey: 6-Week Workshop

Wipfli LLP

Discover, imagine and design innovative approaches to solve business process problems in innovative, human-centric ways

Do you need help finding new ways to solve problems in today’s increasingly interconnected and complex world? Do you need solutions that capture the deep experience of people on your team while recognizing the subtle nuances in your business approach?

We can help. Wipfli’s professionals excel at working with teams to reframe ill-defined or unknown problems in human-centric ways that enable you to find innovative ways to meet your needs.

Microsoft's Azure platform provides many solution sets to help your organization streamline processes and more effectively drive your mission and serve your beneficiaries.  Though the IDEA Journey, Wipfli can help you design Azure based solutions including application modernization and integration, data modernization/analytics/artificial intelligence, and infrastructure modernization/security.  

We work with you using the IDEA Journey process, which combines opening up an entirely new way to think with hands-on methodologies to help you generate ground-breaking solutions.

The IDEA Journey process has played a role in the success of many high-profile, global organizations, including Google, Apple and Airbnb.

IDEA Journey is a non-linear process involving five steps. At each step, there is an opportunity to pause, revisit previous decisions and make adjustments. The steps include:

· Empathize by understanding people and their needs, desires and opportunities.

· Define the real problem to be solved that is broad enough to allow for creativity but narrow enough to ensure results.

· Ideate by exploring a wide variety of solutions in intense and creative brainstorming sessions.

· Prototype alternative solutions by transforming them into a tangible representation of your solution.

· Test your solution by putting it into practice and getting feedback from people to refine your solution.

Our team will help guide yours through this flexible and fluid process to find the solutions that are right for you. Our team will:

· Guide your team through research and problem identifications.

· Bring 2.5 days of customized workshops to your office to work with roughly 20 people.

· Co-create a Dream Book that presents your concrete solutions wrapped in reinforcing Design Thinking principles and tools.

Workshop cost estimate will be nailed down thru initial discovery into an organization's scope.