Microsoft Azure I Deployment: 4-Wk Implementation

Wordtext Systems, Inc.

Assessment of Windows Server environment for workload migration

Now is the time! Move your data and infrastructure to Azure using a cloud migration plan that will help your organization flip capital expenditures to operational expenditures and quickly gain agility and scale to make the most of your new working environment. the right cloud migration solution for your business needs.

Our solution:

  1. Migration on-premise App to Azure (IAAs) • On-premise Apps/Web Server and Database to Azure VM • Active Directory Synchronization to Azure AD • Active Directory Domain Service
  2. Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure • Set up Windows Virtual Desktop in minutes with the new scalable multisession Windows 10 experience
  3. Host Server in Azure • Run your applications on right virtual machine Windows or Linux VMs


  1. Full data control. Manage your data with complete access at your own terms
  2. Advanced data security. Help secure apps and networks from cyberattacks
  3. Value for money Help organization to reduce costs and accelerate the use of technologies
  4. Enhanced scalability. Scale up or scale down your storage based on your business needs. Can add or reduce the space on your cloud environment
  5. Business continuity. Run a cohesive business in a timely and orchestrated manner