Wragby' s wC1000 Custody: 10wks Implementation

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

A 10 weeks Implementation that delivers wC1000 solution for Asset Custodians. Implementation will facilitate settlement of financial instruments, provide rich analytics reports and drive efficiency

The implementation of the wC1000 solution features core service activities to implement Microsoft Azure App Service, Azure SQL DB, Azure Queue, Azure Service Bus, Azure AD, and Power BI along with Wragby' s wC1000, to deliver a financial settlement solution for Custody Managers.

This 10-Weeks Implementation follows a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology. Below is the deployment plan:

  1. **Environmental Readiness Assessment: ** We will perform a critical analysis of the current customer's environment to aid proper deployment planning.

  2. Architectural design: Next we will design a solution architecture that integrates seamlessly with the customer environment.

  3. **Integration with Customer Custom APIs and internal services: **Then we configure the Azure Services and Integrate with wC1000 along with all Customer's Custom APIs for easy interoperability with the customer's environment.

  4. **Pilot deployment and stability: **Next, through a test pilot deployment, we verify the stability and performance of the deployment.

  5. **Production Deployment in Azure and Migration: **We then migrate all existing data into the Solution Environment in Azure and deploy it into Production.

  6. **Solution Validation & Handover: **Our Team works with the customer to validate solution, train on usage and handover to the customer team

  7. **Wragby' s Platinum Azure Managed Services Support: **Provided by our Managed Services team

Below are the benefits of this Consultancy Service:

  1. Automated Business Enabler: An agile Cloud-based fully automated Custody Management Solution

  2. Improved Workflow and Excellent Insights: Embedded Power BI provides rich analytics with actionable insights that aid key decision making.

  3. Cost Optimization: Enjoy up to 50% reduction in operational cost through process automation and data loss elimination

The deployment is typically suited for Financial Services Organizations who are Financial Asset Custodians