Azure Stack Hub Integration: 5-week Implementation

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Azure Stack Hub implementation for an Azure environment to a hybrid cloud environment.

Microsoft's Azure Stack Hub broadens Azure to let you build and run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services to your datacenter. It is the first consistent hybrid cloud platform that is truly open and flexible just like Azure. WWT's Azure Stack Hub services build on the foundation Microsoft provides and incorporates our experience and third-party best in class partner solutions to provide a comprehensive pathway to a successful implementation of Azure Stack Hub.

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub use cases:

Edge/Disconnected Solutions
Azure Stack Hub allows you to process data locally getting rid of address latency and connectivity requirements. One great thing about Azure Stack Hub is it can be deployed in an environment that is disconnected from the internet.

Cloud Apps to Meet Varied Regulations
Azure Stack Hub allows you to easily develop and deploy apps in Azure in an on-premises environment in order to satisfy regulatory or policy requirements.

On-premises Cloud App Model
Azure Stack Hub offers a holistic approach to update and extend existing apps or build out new ones. You can even use consistent DevOps processes to speed up app modernization to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

WWT's Approach
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, WWT has a team of Microsoft certified experts that can deliver a production ready Azure Stack Hub system. The process is divided into three phases: Discover, Design & Deploy. These phases serve to capture all relevant environment information to design and implement an end-state solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Planning & sizing, Hardware procurement, Generation of high-level design (HLD)

Initial configuration and integration, Pre-operations readiness and configurations, Agreement on acceptance testing plan (ATP), Generation of low-level design (LLD)

Assistance with adoption of services, Execution on ATP