X.CELERATE eKYC Consulting Pilot Offer - 6 Week

Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant KYC Accelerator helps streamline your compliance processes by leveraging best of breed Microsoft Azure cloud and Synapse data lake, AI and ML capabilities.

Xoriant KYC Accelerator also leverages Xoriant Smart Capture which helps check supporting electronic documents. Digitize KYC process steps leveraging seamless integration and text extraction technology for superior customer experience. The solution supports greater collaboration with flexible workflows to resolve and alerts in an intuitive Facebook-like fashion.

This Consulting Pilot offer uses the following Azure components

  • Azure hosted VMs –Hosting the servers, and DB
  • PowerBI embedded– to generate and display various dashboards
  • Azure Cognitive Services (Computer Vision Read API) to extract information

Ideal Use Cases

  • KYC/ Compliance Checks: Offers easy to use dashboards, workflows and reporting tools which seamlessly integrate with current systems. E.g KYC checks at Business Account opening
  • Regulatory and Operational Reporting: Easily use/ customize our regulatory or operational reports to improve efficiency

Offer Summary

Xoriant KYC Accelerator: $60,000

  • Consultation to understand existing processes and architect the solution for your needs
  • KYC Workflows and related setup
  • Basic AML Preview Report, Fincen Report and Audit Report
  • Basic KYC Dashboard with USPS and Smartcapture
  • SmartCapture capability to extract text from documents:
    • Includes processing of 25,000 pages of documents
    • $ 0.50 per page for additional pages of documents
    • Self-Service Template Creation Add-on Tool: $5,000 per year
    • Language Supported: English*
    • Input formats supported: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG*

*On-Demand Support for additional document types


  1. Consulting Assignment
  2. Custom Code or your KYC Process Automation needs and deployment

Note: A statement of work and scope will be agreed upon by both parties

Benefits of using Xoriant KYC Accelerator

  • Quick decision-making for Compliance with actionable data
  • Reduced errors with“touchless/frictionless” account opening
  • Improve compliance with the latest and ever changing rules and regulations
  • Boost workforce productivity, operational efficiency without a “Rip and replace” & reduce TCO