ModernApp with Kubernetes: 5-Week Proof of Concept

YASH Technologies

Five weeks workshop to migrate one medium complex legacy application to modern server less and microservice architecture along with automated deployment and management.

Demonstrate a technical implementation approach to migrate one medium complexity legacy applications to modern serverless and Microservice architecture for a highly available, secure and scalable user experience along with automated deployment and management.

Yash will perform the following activities:

  • Review of current processes and finalize the scope of POC.
  • Identify the most suitable application for POC
  • Provision Azure Subscription for POC.
  • Create & configure an AKS environment.
  • Migrate application to container-based architecture.
  • Validate and test the  application on AKS.
  • Demonstrate the solution  with application and microservices architecture.

Benefits of the POC:

  • Well-developed POC as a reference point for further implementations
  • Experience first-hand benefits that containerization provides in terms of environment provisioning, automated testing, deployment etc.

Deliverables from this POC:

  • Container viewpoint (C4) along with Application architecture.
  • Azure Cost Estimate for Production deployment.
  • Cloud Roadmap based on POC which includes TCO, cost savings, ease of management, improvement in performance and ease in modernizing your application.