Cloud Readiness: 4-wk Assessment & Migration


Start your Application Modernization journey with our Cloud Assessment and Migration process

We built a multi-step thought-through process to move the apps and infrastructure of a company to Microsoft Azure.

In the first module, we look at the resources and IT environment to determine if the company is able to migrate to the cloud. The goal is to gather all the information needed in order to understand how your path to Microsoft Azure platform looks like. Once the assessment is done, we define the roadmap and go through the migration phase. It is a best practice for any organization all of the IT infrastructure or even a single app, in order to smooth the migration process and set up the cloud environment that fits the organization's requirements.

Through our Application Modernization Foundation module, we conduct a comprehensive assessment designed to determine a customer's readiness for cloud migration and then based on the clarity of the plan, we drive the migration process by taking into account key business and technical factors. Our approach consists of 3 big steps:

  1. Cloud Readiness Assessment
  2. Cloud Migration Assessment & Business Strategy Roadmap
  3. Migration Process

Having the Cloud Adoption Framework at core, with this approach you will also leverage Azure DevOps and CI/CD for:

  • Accelerating application development and development lifecycles
  • Building quality and consistency into an automated build and release process
  • Increasing application stability and uptime

Within Zitec, you have access to our Areas of Excellence:

  • Containerization & Kubernetes (Containerization of OSS & .NET Core workloads. Configuration, administration and app deployment on Kubernetes)
  • DevOps & Automation (Infrastructure-as-code [Terraform/ARM], config management, build & test pipelines, code deployment)
  • Application Modernization (Serverless and PaaS services adoption, transition from .NET to .NET Core)
  • Data Engineering (Data storage systems [transactional or analytical] and ETL pipelines)

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