Well managed Azure DevOps: 3 weeks implemenation

Zure Oy

Well managed Azure DevOps services helps your organization to plan, develop and release faster. Our DevOps experts helps you to realize your full potential with Azure DevOps services.


We will assess, plan and implement Azure DevOps services roll-out that meets your organization and development processes.

We start roll-out with assessment to understand your:

  • Business related application development needs.
  • Application portfolio needs.
  • Team and vendor management needs.
  • Current and desired DevOps practices related to backlog management, version control, test automation, release management and operations.

Based on our findings we then select for you an Azure DevOps governance model that fits best your needs.

After the governance model is locked down we will help you with technical implementation of the Azure DevOps services on you Azure environment.

Project takes about 3-4 weeks in calendar time and consists three to four half-day workshops, planning, documentation and configuration work.


Without proper Azure DevOps governance model it is quite common that customers loose their control how development is done in their environment.

Take your Azure DevOps environment in use with its full potential!

  • Get your IT people up to date with Azure DevOps service tooling and practices.
  • Faster release to market cycle.
  • Resolve issues and problems faster.
  • Make your application portfolio transparent and have visibility to your development work.
  • Take control of your IPR: It's your code and it should be in your version control!
  • Remove vendor locks with well governed DevOps environment.


  • Azure DevOps organization configured, up and running - ready for you development teams.
  • Azure DevOps governance model documented.
  • Fundamentals of Azure DevOps services trained to your key personnel.

Fixed price

8900 €