DevOps Modernization: 4-Week Assessment

Zure Oy

Benchmark your DevOps practices against Zure! We can provide an actionable roadmap for you to get better in DevOps.

Over the course of four weeks, our DevOps experts gather information on your current and desired state of DevOps practices, processes, tooling, environment and culture.

1st Week - Current and desired state analysis

  • Your experts fill out Zure DevOps assessment questionnaire.
  • We analyze questionnaire results.
  • Kickoff meeting.
  • Workshop: We establish your desired state of DevOps.

2nd and 3rd Week - Interviews

  • We analyze your DevOps environment, tooling and documentation.
  • 1-to-1 interviews (5) with your experts.

4th Week - Handover of deliverables

During 4th week we finalize assessment report and present our improvement suggestions in a handover meeting.

  • We create backlog of suggested actions for your DevOps improvements.
  • Handover meeting: Review baseline for improvement in your DevOps.

Benefits and deliverables

  • Gain understanding where your development bottlenecks and operations inefficiencies currently are.
  • Get clear picture where your next level of DevOps should be.
  • DevOps assessment report - Gap analysis on your current state vs. desired state.
  • Improvement actions as Backlog - Get a clear plan on how to get there.

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