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Haivision Media Gateway 1.1

Distribute high quality, live video to multiple locations over the Internet.
Haivision Media Gateway on Microsoft Azure is ideal for transporting high quality, low-latency video to multiple locations around the world, for enterprise live events and broadcast distribution. Powered by Haivision's SRT, a unique transport technology that optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, Haivision Media Gateway allows you to use low cost, readily available Internet connections to distribute your live video. Haivision Media Gateway in the cloud provides simple set-up and commissioning, without putting a strain on the network at the source location, bringing a welcome alternative to the long lead times, prohibitive costs and scheduling challenges associated with satellite and custom networks. Featuring SRT stream replication, packet loss recovery, AES encryption, real time end-to-end network statistics and multiple options to easily manage firewall traversal, Haivision Media Gateway on Microsoft Azure is a powerful, cost effective, scalable and IT-friendly video distribution solution.