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OrientDB Enterprise Edition 2.2.17

OrientDB Ltd
OrientDB Enterprise is a 2nd Generation NoSQL, Multi-Model, Multi-Master Distributed Database.

Leverage the power of a Graph Database engine and Document capabilities with OrientDB Enterprise Edition, our Commercial software designed specifically for applications seeking a scalable, robust, and secure NoSQL Multi-Model database. Its main goal is to save time and money on your OrientDB investment by reducing risk, cost, effort, and time invested in a business critical application.

It includes all Community features plus professional enterprise tools such as Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Auditing Tools, Metrics recording, Live Monitor with configurable Alerts, Non-Stop Incremental Backups, and Teleporter to sync or migrate an RDBMS to OrientDB.

Get OrientDB Enterprise Edition if you require:

  • Everything in the Community version plus advanced Enterprise tools.
  • Enhanced Security and Relational DBMS Synchronization.
  • Incremental Non-Stop Backup.
  • Support for Replication with Multiple Data Centers.