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HFactory Tools (for HDInsight)

The simplest way to build web services on top of HDInsight HBase

Product overview

HFactory Tools radically simplifies the delivery of standard web services on top of HDInsight HBase. Built on a cutting-edge Scala / Akka software stack, HFactory Tools takes care of all the cumbersome, PaaS-level tasks: you can focus on the most important, application- and business-level development tasks.

Technical description

HFactory Tools makes HDInisght HBase accessible to mainstream developers and enterprise practicioners by providing storage abstraction for the NoSQL database. To make a comparison, you can think of HFactory Tools as a Hibernate-like system specifically built for HBase. The solution:

  1. Offers a high-level, expressive DSL for HBase CRUD operations;
  2. Transparently handles the database persistence;
  3. Manages the data serialization process (conversion of HBase byte arrays into a strongly-typed, entity-oriented interface); and
  4. Exposes data in the familiar JSON format via a RESTful interface.

Summary of features
  • Transparent handling of HBase storage and data serialization
  • Declaration of HFactory entities as simple Scala case classes
  • Automated generation of the REST API from the entities
  • Built-in Swagger / OpenAPI 2.0 description and documentation