AI.S² Demand Forecast Solution

AI Software Solutions GmbH

AI.S² Demand Forecast Solution

AI Software Solutions GmbH

Get Accurate Sales Predictions with Our Easy-to-Use Forecasting Tool and the Power of AI

Are you a large or complex organization struggling with unreliable and time-consuming forecasts failing at precise predictions of order volume throughout your value chain?

Solve this problem by using the AIS² Demand Forecast Solution. Our user-friendly AI forecast solution imports your historical data and enriches it with external data (for example weather data or economic data). This augmented data is analyzed automatically by AI algorithms and forecasts will be generated. The best algorithms are recommended.

Automated AI-powered forecasting enables accurate predictions along the entire value chain and gives you better understanding of cause-effect chains. Improve quality and completeness of predictions, and simplify tasks that previously required Data Scientists.


  • Significant cost savings and less manual effort
  • Avoidance of over- and underproduction
  • Identification of drivers for sales and demand
  • Outstanding forecast accuracy in comparison to conventional forecasting tools
  • User-friendly UI, no coding knowledge required

Key Features

  • Visualization of forecasts with Feature Importance
  • Only a few clicks are needed for training and forecasting
  • Automatic application of a variety of Al algorithms and selection of the best results
  • Automatic evaluation of the results
  • Easy import and export

Customer Quote

"Forecasting with the AIS² Solution saves time and effort and tops all conventional methods we've tried so far."

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paiqo is specialized in Data Platform & Artificial Intelligence. We are a Microsoft Solution Partner Data & AI and have been honored by Microsoft with the Newcomer of the Year Award.

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