Apty for Microsoft Dynamics


Apty for Microsoft Dynamics


Digital Adoption for Microsoft Dynamics

Unleash the full potential of Dynamics with real Digital Adoption

Empower Employees to Maximize the Value of Microsoft Dynamics – End-to-end Digital Adoption

Track, Measure and Improve how your users leverage Dynamics with Apty’s powerful data-driven Digital Adoption Platform

Trust Apty to show you how effectively your users are making use of Microsoft Dynamics

Under-utilized Enterprise software cost companies millions of dollars each year. But there is a solution to prevent this, and a very simple one at that!

Apty’s comprehensive Digital Adoption Platform gives you all the tools you need to maximize the RoI of your tech stack.

Consider Apty to be a code-free overlay that sits on top of M S Dynamics as a real-time navigation guide for your users to make the most of all that it has to offer.

Apty lets you dive deep into data to see where your users are struggling while using M S Dynamics so you can proactively address these issues. Understand where most drop-offs happen, which user segment needs immediate help, average time taken for completing a certain task, and so many more powerful insights.

The better your understanding of user adoption, the more effective the workflows and walkthroughs, the higher the employee productivity levels.