Datameer Data Preparation and Exploration


Datameer Data Preparation and Exploration


Datameer is an agile self-service data preparation and exploration platform for faster insights

Datameer is an agile self-service platform for data preparation and exploration at-scale to deliver faster, smarter insights. The platform covers the entire data lifecycle to let your business analysts prepare and explore diverse, complex data in a self-service manner and enables data workflows to be operationalized at scale in a highly secure and governed manner.

Agile Self-Service Workflow

Datameer’s unique combination of easy self-service data preparation and unconstrained data exploration creates an agile iterative data preparation workflow that facilitates unmatched speed to insight.

Covers the full Data Lifecycle

Datameer offers a complete data orchestration workflow that covers the full data lifecycle including ingestion, preparation, curation, exploration and consumption, and works with any data source.

Built for the Enterprise

Enterprise-grade features for high-end scalability, strong security and deep governance make Datameer an industrial- grade platform that is trusted by some of the largest organizations with stringent regulatory requirements.

Unconstrained Visual Data Exploration

Datameer’s visual exploration allows analysts to interactively explore datasets billions of records long, hundreds of attributes wide and millions of unique values deep to find patterns and aspects of the data unique to their analysis.