Finance-Grade Sustainability Data-Starter Package


Finance-Grade Sustainability Data-Starter Package


Get finance-grade sustainability data from GLYNT. Water, waste, energy and emissions. Audit-ready

GLYNT delivers audit-ready sustainability data that powers sustainability applications and enterprise systems

GLYNT is the first sustainability data service, enabling compliance, operational savings and climate finance opportunities for customers and partners around the globe. Our advanced machine learning accelerates and simplifies finance-grade and audit-ready sustainability data – emissions, energy, water and waste – for finance and sustainability teams. Fully automated and scalable, GLYNT enables global sustainability data operations to be managed from a single platform.

Key Features:

-- Automate data from primary sources such as utility bills, landlord bills, iot sensors

-- Get complete coverage of water, waste, energy and emissions data around the globe in a single solution

-- The GLYNT Data Engine provides accurate, actual audit-ready sustainability data in a structured format

-- Audit-ready data files delivered in easy-to-use CSV and JSON formats

-- The GLYNT Control Center enables data operations teams to actively monitor and manage sustainability data flows and to coordinate data owners at key endpoints

-- GLYNT is built for modern data governance, delivering end-to-end COSO compliance

-- GLYNT data is compliant with GHG Protocols, TCFD, GRI, IFRS and SASB standards

-- Proven onboarding protocols speed your sustainability journey and enable you to meet reporting deadlines

-- 70% lower cost, 10X faster data and 20X fewer errors than current systems.

The Starter Package provides sustainability data for up 10 sites. Data delivered within 5 business days.

For custom pricing options, tailored to your assets and needs, please get in touch with for a private offer.

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