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Generative AI Lab is an End-to-End No-Code platform for data labeling and DL model and LLM training.

Generative AI Lab (previously known as NLP Lab and Annotation Lab) is an End-to-End No-Code platform for annotating text and training AI/ML models. It enables domain experts to extract meaningful facts from text documents, images or PDFs and train models that will automatically predict those facts on new documents. By offering out-of-the-box support for Large Language Model prompting, Zero-Shot prompting, Rules and state-of-the-art John Snow Labs pre-trained models, Generative AI Lab helps domain experts efficiently prepare training data for tuning custom AI models for specific tasks and use-cases.

About the offer:

Based on an auto-scaling architecture powered by Kubernetes, Generative AI Lab can scale to many teams and projects. Enterprise-grade security is included, with support for air-gap environments, zero data sharing, role-based access, full audit trails, MFA, and identity provider integrations. Generative AI Lab allows powerful experiments for model training and finetuning, model testing, and model deployment as API endpoints. There is no limitation on the number of users, projects, tasks, models, or trainings that can be run with this subscription. This product includes a Pay-As-You-Go license key for John Snow Labs libraries and models, that offers access to 40.000+ models and pipelines for healthcare, legal, finance, downloadable from the NLP Models Hub and with access to OCR and Visual Document understanding features. Designed to take advantage of GPU architecture, the product offers a boost in performance for model training and preannotation tasks - You will be charged ONLY as long as you use the product. Simply stop your instance and restart it when needed it so you get charged only based on what you consume.

Included Features:

  • Prompt engineering for Large Language Models and Zero-Shot Models.
  • Entity recognition, relation extraction, classification.
  • AI-Assisted Annotation: never start from scratch but reuse existing models to pre-annotate tasks with the latest John Snow Labs models for classification, NER, assertion status, entity resolution and relation detection.
  • High productivity annotation UI with keyboard shortcuts and pre-annotations.
  • Annotation support for Text, Image, Audio, Video and HTML.
  • Support for text annotation in 250+ languages.
  • Support for projects and teams: 30+ project templates; unlimited projects and users, project import, export and cloning, project grouping.
  • Task assignment, tagging, and comments; duplicate tasks identification; task searching and filtering.
  • Consensus analysis and Inter Annotator Agreement charts;
  • Enterprise-level security and privacy: role-based access control, role-based views, annotation versioning, full audit trail, Single Sign on.
  • Full NLP Models Hub integration: you can explore available models and embeddings, download them with the click of a button and reuse those in your project configuration.
  • Train Classification, NER, and Assertion Status models: use default parameters or easily tune them on the UI for different experiments.
  • Active Learning automatically trains new versions of your models once new annotations are available.
  • Playground - deploy, test, and update prompts, rules and models before you decide to include them in your project.
  • API access to all features for easy integration into custom data analysis pipelines.

Who is this offer for:

  • Domain experts (e.g. nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, investors, etc.) who want to test DL models on their data or/and tune/train new models via an easy-to-use UI, without writing a line of code; - Data labeling teams who want to optimize the efficiency and speed of their day-to-day work with preannotations.
  • Machine Learning engineers who need to test/train/tune NLP models.
  • Researchers who need to extract meaning from unstructured, natural language documents.
  • And anyone else interested in text and image analysis, image digitization, data extraction, document labeling and/or NLP model training.

Target verticals:

The Generative AI Lab is a domain-agnostic tool that can be used to annotate documents in any vertical. Its integration with the NLP Models Hub facilitates access to over 40k pre-trained models for general-purpose text documents. The tool allows easy access and reuse of 2000+ pre-trained models covering 400+ clinical and biomedical entity types