Faster Performance for Oracle, MS SQL and EHR on Azure

Silk Technologies Inc

Faster Performance for Oracle, MS SQL and EHR on Azure

Silk Technologies Inc

Easily migrate databases to the cloud while keeping cloud spend in check and increasing resiliency

Do you have mission-critical databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server on the cloud? Are they over 5TB and require over 50k IOPS and 1GB/sec? Then you need Silk!

The Silk Platform quickly moves mission-critical data to Azure and keeps it operating at performance standards on par with even the fastest on-prem environments. Silk works with global enterprise companies and Microsoft Azure to ensure a seamless, efficient, and smooth migration process followed by unparalleled performance speeds for all data and applications in the cloud.

The platform makes cloud environments run up to 10x faster and the entire application stack more resilient to any infrastructure hiccups or malfunctions. Unlike other cloud platforms, Silk offers a symmetric active-active architecture for greater data protection and an on-demand, non-disruptive scalability.

Silk deploys Microsoft Azure VMs into customers’ subscriptions and then automatically deploys the Silk software on top of those VMs. From this location in the software stack, the platform is able to:

  • Flexibly adapt to changing demands and maximize the use of many resources at the same time
  • Enhance data resiliency, making it much more stable and resistant to infrastructure hiccups
  • Optimize your data performance behind the scenes, without changing or touching your data, apps, or services.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud
  • Keep cloud costs to a minimum with enterprise data services like zero-footprint snapshots
  • Proactively address disruptions and issues to increase resiliency

Key Features

  • Two-tier virtualization
  • Enterprise data services
  • Workload consolidation
  • Dynamic database block size alignment

What our customers say

“I would recommend other companies to use Silk because of their ability to provide you with the right level of performance and resiliency. You get a partner that is truly invested in your success. With Silk, we are able to get closer to the promise of the cloud.” – Ulrik Elstrup Hansen, VP and Head of SaaS Innovation, SimCorp

About Silk

Silk works with industry leaders in ecommerce, SaaS, FinTech, and healthcare to get their business-critical workloads the ultra-fast speeds that their customers demand. The company is headquartered outside of Boston, MA with engineering based in Israel.

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