cloudSwXtch VM Image LLC

cloudSwXtch VM Image LLC

Multicast on Azure via a virtual network switch (overlay network with IGMP support)

cloudSwXtch from is a virtual overlay network that adds feature rich, high performance networking to your cloud or edge applications. cloudSwXtch is simple to deploy and requires no code changes to existing applicaitons.

The cloudSwXtch is a network appliance that is deployed as a VM image so can be created with any tools that create VMs. However, to function properly the cloudSwXtch needs two network interfaces and the second interface needs to have Accelerated Networking enabled.


Use the provided templates in the link below to easily deploy a cloudSwXtch. These templates ensure correct setup of the VM and network interfaces.
If you deploy using the Azure Portal Web UI the resulting VM may not function properly.

Templates for deployment: Templates
For more installation instructions see:


Plug and Play Existing applications and services that expect standards-based IP multicast and broadcast will work in Azure without requiring any code changes.
wXcked Fast Moving high-performance systems to the cloud can be difficult. cloudSwXtch enables massive bandwidth with sub-millisecond latency for most applications.
Simplifies Workflows cloudSwXtch allows your endpoints to dynamically subscribe and unsubscribe to your streams as needed. Even if those flows are coming in from off cloud!


cloudSwXtch enables true and seamless IP-multicast and broadcast. Using multicast instead of unicast optimizes your network configuration and may reduce your cloud distribution and egress costs. Supports jumbo frames.
Protocol Fanout Protocol Fanout can take any supported packet protocol and fan it out to another packet protocol. For example, forward a multicast stream to many receivers, while also mapping the stream to many unicast devices alleviating the need for the sending device to support or even be aware of both protocols.
ST 2022-7 Hitless Merge SMPTE 2022-7 Hitless merge protects against data path failures by sending the same stream via two data paths. It compares packet reception from the multiple streams, detecting dropped packets, and reconstructs the output stream in the correct packet order.
Mesh Mesh’s connects cloudSwXtches in a variety of dispersed network locations – different Vnets, regions, clouds, subnets, data centers, ect.). Additionally, a mesh is a way to group two or more swXtch's together to act as one to gain network performance.
Ground to Cloud
Cloud to Ground
cloudSwXtch integrates on-prem and cloud networks, creating a single data path for all supported protocols (multicast, broadcast, etc)
Monitoring Visibility down to the packet level for enhanced Monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS). wXcked Eye is our monitoring UI that enables users to audit the performance of their cloudSwXtch network. A REST API is provided to manage and control your network your way.