Azure Foundation: 4-Weeks Implementation

Devoteam M Cloud

An implementation offer to build your Azure Landing Zone based on Microsoft's CAF framework.

Devoteam M Cloud is well placed to provide you with a solid foundation to take your first steps into Azure.

Devoteam will build a Landing Zone aligned with Microsoft's CAF framework and best practices. In general the steps for an implementation are:

  • Plan & Ready: Discuss requirements and goals, design a baseline Landing Zone solution
  • Adopt: Build the solution according to the agreed specifications and through automation
  • Operate: Implement Governance and best practices to control and monitor the environment

We provide you with clear deliverables for a successful implementation and to ensure a good start of your cloud journey.

We will help you at each step, from the initial discussions up to the handover to your Operations teams.

Each Azure Landing Zone is different in terms of complexity, scale and duration.

Pricing for this offer as such will depend on the above-mentioned parameters.