Quick Start – Modern Data Platform – Self-Service BI (8 weeks)

Exco Partners

Capture value faster and reduce delivery risk with our Azure based Modern Data Platform blueprint and reference architecture that gets you off to a quick start while embedding best practice.

Establish a Modern Data Platform in Azure in just 8 weeks.

Let Exco Partners guide you through the process of understanding key options in Azure, tailoring our existing reference architecture to meet your specific needs.

Delivered in just 8-weeks, our approach establishes:

  • Key data ingestion patterns to support batch, micro-batch and streaming data
  • Establishes a Data Lakehouse and SSO to support Role based access controls suitable for Self-Service BI
  • Best practice delivery approaches using devOps & IaC.

Our Approach:

During the project we will work with you to scope a suitably sized use case to establish end to end functionality, implementing re-usable assets and examples of how to ensure: data quality, robust data pipelines (and monitoring), encryption, security/SSO and connectivity to on premise data sources while also enabling access to Power BI workspaces and visualisations.

Our structured delivery process includes a set of inputs that we will require on commencement, workshops to help educate and define components to be delivered including data classification, role-based access controls and monitoring/observability across your data supply chain. Other workshops will focus on capability uplift, introducing modern delivery processes as they relate to your data environment, establishing environments, maintaining changes to data schemas in production and data modelling approaches to support the primary use case.


  • A modern data platform established in Azure, with integrations and a data models to support Self-Service BI.
  • A real functioning set of integrations, data model and dashboards demonstrating best practice and solving a business problem.
  • Artifacts and assets to support your team to accelerate your data capability and program of work.


Exco Partners understand that there is no one size fits all solution, and are experienced in being flexible to achieve customer requirements. Customer-specific requests and other Exco Partners services are available on an ad-hoc basis.