Azure Foundations -3 week Implementation


An accelerated foundation for your Azure investments, enabling your business to migrate, deploy and innovate with confidence.

Cloud with Confidence

Whether you are migrating existing workloads to Microsoft Azure or deploying new cloud-native solutions, it is imperative to establish a robust framework of governance and compliance. The increased business agility and greater speed-to-market which Microsoft Azure offers can be diminished by poor planning, that could result to unanticipated costs, bureaucratic roadblocks, and a weakened security posture.

Insight’s 3 week Azure Foundations offering proactively safeguards against these consequences.

How We Help

Our two-phase approach incorporates a bespoke design which maps the governance principles and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Scaffold with the specific needs of your business. This results in an environment which is uniquely suited to satisfy your internal and external business, as well as your regulatory and technical requirements, to enable you to migrate, deploy and innovate with confidence.

To ensure your business has a robust Azure platform which is suitable for all solutions from full IaaS-based data centres to severless computing, modern data platforms and AI-driven chatbots, we’ll work collaboratively with your team to build a solid foundation in Azure addressing:

  • Identity and corporate policy
  • Subscription hierarchy
  • Networking and automation

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Designing and implementing the Insight Azure Foundations solution is just the start of the story. The comprehensive governance and compliance framework your business receives is suitable for any set of requirements, but the intensely rapid rate of change in public cloud features and capabilities requires agility and proactive planning in order to ensure that your Microsoft Azure investments are always providing your business with optimal outcomes.

The best success for your business involves taking advantage of the full range of platform solutions available on Microsoft Azure which form a management continuum, including deployment, configuration, and monitoring. Leveraging fully automated deployment assets and delivery platforms as well as business process integration, the Insight Azure Foundations offering enables your business to stay on top of the dynamic nature of public cloud, both for the solutions you build and deploy as well as the supporting governance framework itself. This enables your business to move from reactive to proactive IT operations, pay down technical debt and focus on innovation and customer satisfaction goals.