Flexify.IO - Azure Blob / Amazon S3 Migration


Flexify.IO - Azure Blob / Amazon S3 Migration


Migrate data to Azure Blob Storage from Amazon S3, Google Cloud, or on-premise storage.

*** Please select a VM size with at least 2 GB RAM. ***

Flexify.IO provider best-in-class cloud-native self-service data migration between Azure Blob Storage accounts or regions, as well as from other clouds such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage or on-premise storage. If you're migrating data to Azure Blob Storage - Flexify.IO is your #1 choice.

Migrating large data volumes to the cloud or between clouds with legacy tools might be challenging due to the time it takes and the need to properly handle errors and synchronize changes. Flexify.IO is the only cloud-native solution and effectively addresses those challenges.


  • Migration. Move data between clouds, cloud regions and on-premise at cloud-native speed.
  • Replication. Keep a backup or replica in another region or cloud.
  • Incremental Sync. Flexify.IO only migrates object that are new or changed.
  • No downtime. Flexify.IO unique virtual endpoint eliminates any downtime during migration by combining all objects from multiple storages into a single unified namespace effectively.


  • Easy. Get your data migration running in just a few minutes with our intuitive Migration Wizard.
  • Fast. The unique architecture enables splitting migration between multiple horizontally scalable engines (requires SaaS or custom deployment), each of which migrates data in multiple parallel streams.
  • Reliable. Flexify.IO validates checksums at every step of migration and retries errors, making sure that your data at a destination is exactly as it was at a source.
  • Cloud-native. Flexify.IO is the only data migration solution designed specifically for object storage. This allows us to avoid any scalability limits, maximize performance and correctly handle situations unique to cloud storage.


Flexify.IO supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, and many other cloud storage providers.

We also support on-premise object storage such as Dell EMC ECS, as well as conventional file storage via Minio gateway.


Please contact us at if you would like to deploy Flexify.IO in a centrally managed scale set for better reliability and performance.


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