Altoura 360

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Altoura 360

Studio 216 Inc

Transform legacy SOPs into interactive and immersive simulations to improve frontline productivity.

Altoura 360 harnesses the power of AI to automate learning content development at scale—and to empower your frontline workers with on-demand access to interactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and work procedures. If your frontlines rely on SOPs or Dynamics 365 Guides for work assistance, Altoura 360 is an automated, easy-to-use, affordable, must-have productivity solution. (Starting at $750/mo.)


Built on OpenAI, a secure enterprise infrastructure, and a powerful no-code Experience Builder, Altoura 360 is optimized to transform standard operating procedures (SOPs) into interactive and visual learning content. Creators can automate the conversion of bulky manuals and text-based SOPs into visual simulations, and 2D or 3D (mixed reality) experiences that can run on any device.


Now you can build a highly skilled and highly productive frontline workforce despite mounting labor shortages and increasingly complex workflows. Transform skills learning and development from a one-time training exercise into a strategic always-on differentiator that improves efficiencies and catalyzes growth. With Altoura 360, creators can offer their frontline workforce a self-service learning environment with a visual way to discover and interact with SOPs to achieve 10X ROI and the following benefits:

    • Accelerate skills acquisition
    • Improve machine uptime
    • Reduce wasted raw materials in the training process
    • Boost employee retention through engagement
    • Ensure worker safety and reduce incidents


Creator Tools

    • Guides Builder: A SaaS application that automates the development of Dynamics 365 guides at scale and eliminates the need to be physically in front of the equipment when creating a guide.
    • Experience Builder: A no-code tool that empowers creators to transform text-based SOPs (PDFs) into visual simulations and build interactive step-by-step work instructions and immersive experiences.

Learner Tools

    • Player 360: A learner-facing application for interacting with Altoura 360’s immersive learning environment. Learners use Player 360 on any device to interact virtually with their equipment and environment as they practice standard operating procedures in an industrial metaverse before stepping on the front lines.
    • Prodigy: A frontline worker copilot built on OpenAI that provides chat capability and acts as an interface to Altoura 360 learning content.

In addition to the enterprise platform, creator and learning tools, companies that license Altoura 360 get access to optional resources such as:

    • Altoura University and live trainings
    • Premium technical support
    • Professional services assistance