Zammo, Inc. SaaS

Zammo, Inc.

Modernize Your Contact Centers and Enhance Your Customer Experience with Conversational AI.

Zammo’s user-friendly platform and unique voice-first architecture helps to quickly modernize your contact center and customer experience with conversational AI. Publish your content and workflows to voice platforms, including telephony/IVR, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as chatbots across many popular channels - from web and mobile to SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft Teams.

Conversational AI DIY projects often take 6-12 months to get to production. Zammo customers are on camera at Microsoft events confirming going live “next day,” “in three days” and “three business days.” Numerous success stories are described in Microsoft case studies, blog posts and videos.

Zammo’s 100% Azure-based SaaS platform weaves 30+ Azure Data and AI services into a voice-first NLP architecture that automates a) content ingestion, b) multi-lingual custom language model generation, c) language model retraining and d) unified data analytics across all voice and chat channels. Zammo lets the business lead with zero code for even complex conversations, go live fast, then IT only supports integrations with API’s and backend systems.


  • Quickly Deploy Service and Product Information 
  • Automatically Convert Existing Website Content into Voice/Chatbot/IVR Content 
  • Voice Domain Name Registration
  • Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Manage Content for All Channels in One Location
  • Valuable, Cross-Platform Analytics Dashboard
  • Deep Transactional Capabilities - Connect to APIs and Backend Systems
  • Security
  • Increase Accessibility