4Sight-Data Vault on Azure: 10-Week Implementation

AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd

Future proof your BI solution with the Scalable, Agile power of the Data Vault on Azure.

Consolidate your disparate data sources into a truly scalable, mature enterprise data model through an incremental approach with no rework required in future phases. This solution focusses on consolidating multiple source systems. These source systems can consist of structured, unstructured, multi-latency and multi-structured data. Automation and Agile is a big focus and promotes time savings, error reduction and rapid productivity of the data warehousing team. It is from here that the information hierarchy can be fulfilled by turning your data into wisdom.


  1. Requirements Gathering and Data Discovery Identify high value business cases and discover data sources for data ingestion to forecast complete solution design and cost. Determine the best architecture to leverage the power of the Azure cloud services.

  2. Solution Design and Documentation Document As-Is and To-Be data architecture & present to business and technical stakeholders. Determine security and data governance requirements and incorporate into the design. Ensuring the best Azure services are incorporated to unlock the full potential of the solution.

  3. Solution Development Follow a structured development methodology for data extraction, integration (data warehouse), consolidation & presentation to create a highly automated and repeatable process.

  4. Training / Managed Service Training on the solution as well as adoption and change management. An optional Managed Service is available to manage and operate the solution where skills are limited.

  5. Go-Live Go-live planning, cut over and post implementation support. Cost optimisation of Azure services.