Mastering Generative AI with Affine: Theory, Techniques, and Practical Applications 3-Days Workshop

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Join Affine’s immersive 3-day workshop on Generative AI, where you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory, techniques, and practical applications of this cutting-edge technology.

Affine's Generative AI 3-Days Workshop powered by Azure OpenAI

Generative AI has emerged as a game-changing technology with profound implications across various industries. In our increasingly competitive world, businesses are continuously seeking innovative ways to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Generative AI presents a unique opportunity to unlock new possibilities and drive transformational growth.

This 3-day workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its significance in the current competitive landscape. Through a combination of theoretical concepts, practical demonstrations, and collaborative sessions, participants will explore the power of Generative AI and learn how it can be leveraged to address real-world challenges.

With a focus on Affine's renowned GeneraX product, participants will gain hands-on experience in data preparation, training, and application of Generative AI models. By working on a specific use case tailored to the customer's business context and objectives, participants will witness the tangible impact of Generative AI firsthand.



  • Day 1: Understanding the Power of Generative AI
    • Introduction to Generative AI and Workshop Overview
    • Understanding the Customer's Business Context and Objectives
    • Collaborative Session: Identifying a Specific Use Case for Generative AI Application
  • Day 2: Harnessing the Potential of Affine's GeneraX
    • Introduction to Affine's Existing Generative AI Products - GeneraX
    • Data Preparation and Training using Affine's Generative AI Product for the Identified Use Case
  • Day 3: Realizing the Impact of Generative AI
    • Presentation and Demonstration of the Identified Use Case with Affine's Generative AI Product to the Customer
    • Q&A Session with Experts
    • Future Roadmap and Advancements in Generative AI


Outcome & Benefits:

By attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its applications in the current competitive world.
  • Learn how to identify specific use cases where Generative AI can create value for their business.
  • Acquire hands-on experience with Affine's GeneraX product, including data preparation, training, and application.
  • Explore real-world examples and case studies of successful Generative AI implementations.
  • Collaborate with experts and fellow participants to brainstorm ideas and solutions.
  • Receive insights into the future roadmap and advancements in Generative AI.
  • Establish a strong foundation in Generative AI that can be applied in various domains and industries.


Leveraging Azure OpenAI:

During the workshop, we will leverage the power of Azure's robust cloud infrastructure and Azure OpenAI's state-of-the-art models to enhance the learning experience and showcase the potential of Generative AI. Participants will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools and technologies, empowering them to excel in their journey towards mastering Generative AI.


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