Proactive Customer Mgmt: 8-week Proof of Concept


Azure Proactive Customer Management brings together churn detection, activity monitoring and product recommendation. It delivers prioritized customer contact lists, actions and call logging.

Azure Proactive Customer Management is an 8 week Proof of Concept using Microsoft Azure. It allows early demonstration of value, early user acceptance and the potential to realise significant downstream project savings. Our projects are led by senior applied data scientist / transformation specialists that deliver weekly workshops and regular readouts to the project owner and solution end-users.

Azure Proactive Customer Management is designed to work seamlessly with Azure. Core components include:

  1. Azure ML model to detect customer behaviour anomalies.
  2. Azure ML model to predict customers that are likely to churn.
  3. Azure ML model to generate product or service recommendations for a proactive customer contact call.
  4. Power BI dashboard for customer analytics, presentation of prioritised customer contact strategy and resulting customer contact outcomes.
  5. Power Apps to manage call feedback logging. This can also link to Power Automate to update CRM systems, send emails and any other associated customer contact workflow support.

Project deliverables:

  • Initial analytics (churn, customer behaviour and recommendations)
  • Custom solution design
  • Delivery plan and business case.
  • Early proof of concept using optimal mix of Azure ML, PowerBI and PowerApps. This will use static data and combine data stores, AI models, processing environments, dashboards and user interfaces.
  • Plan for next stage development requirements, ie prototype phase activity burn down list and key considerations.