Managed AKS Services Support: 10-Wk Implementation


8x5 remote support with sufficient SLAs on Production and Non-Production environments AKS environments audit Regular health checks and monthly check-ins to address any issues or concerns


  • Ticket resolution: Issues resolution, support coverage, issue categorization and analysis

  • Ensure environments are stable, matching reference architecture and are created/deleted as required

  • Manage the platform and associated infrastructure

  • Manage day-to-day operational tasks including upgrades, backup and restore, user onboarding, load balancing, and bug fixes

  • Manage service integrations for the platform

  • Report on Key Scaling Indicators, Key Performance Indicators and taking appropriate action to ensure high utilization and SLAs are me


  • Lower operational costs and reduction in time spent on operations
  • Higher development to operator ratio
  • Developers spend more time on app development
  • Decreased deployment times
  • Faster time to market
  • High availability foundation
  • Enhanced security

Target Audience

  • Architects
  • Operators
  • DevOps engineers



Maximum Response Time

P1 Tickets < 40 minutes P2 Tickets < 4 hours P3 Tickets < 24 hours

Resolution Time

P1 Tickets < 5 hours P2 Tickets < 3 business days P3 Tickets < 5 business days


40 hours of ticket activities included during business hours (8AM to 5PM) If more support hours are needed within a given month, customer is to be billed at a standard billable rate