Innova Cloud Native & App modernization: 6 Week Pilot Implementation

American CyberSystems, Inc.

Accelerating App Innovation & Modernization with Cloud-Native Services on Microsoft Cloud

Innova is a leading provider of cloud-native solutions that leverage the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure. Innova helps clients modernize their legacy applications and transform their business processes with innovative cloud technologies. Whether you need to migrate, refactor, or rearchitect your applications, Innova has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality, scalable, and secure cloud solutions. Innova’s Microsoft Cloud-Native Innovation & Modernization Offering enables customers to accelerate Cloud-native application development and modernization using Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and other Azure PaaS services

The Offering consists of four phases: Assess, Foundation, Adapt, and Govern.

  • Assess: Innova thoroughly examines the current state of the organization’s applications, infrastructure, processes, and culture and identifies the gaps and opportunities for improvement

  • Foundation: Innova helps an organization establish a cloud-native environment that includes all the necessary tools, frameworks, standards, and governance models

  • Adapt: Innova facilitates the transformation of an organization’s existing applications or develops new ones using agile methodologies, microservices architectures, DevOps practices, and cloud-native technologies

  • Govern: Innova ensures that the organization maintains a high level of quality, security, and performance for its cloud applications, and provides ongoing support and guidance for continuous improvement.

With Innova’s offering, customers can benefit mentioned as below:

• 40% faster app development and deployment on a secure cloud-native infrastructure

• Faster assessment and discovery with Established modernization patterns

• Accelerated cloud readiness and Cloud-Native adoption

• Insights into the real business value of app modernization

• Deliver AI-enabled developer experiences

• Better cloud security posture management