Innova CAF based Cloud Migration: 8 Week Pilot Implementation

American CyberSystems, Inc.

Our Migration Program will help you to define the right Cloud-based strategy for every workload/application in your portfolio and guide you through the execution in Four steps

Our cloud migration offering is based on the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), a proven methodology for planning and executing successful cloud adoption projects. The CAF provides a comprehensive set of tools, guidance, and best practices to help you align your business goals, technical requirements, and organizational readiness with the cloud capabilities and services.

During the 8 weeks engagement, Innova will support the below:

  • Assess and provide road map for Migration using Innova Strategy on Azure Cloud Adoption
  • Azure Well Architected Framework review to provide best fit & patterns for Migration
  • Creation of Evolutionary Azure Landing Zone for Pilot Migration
  • Pilot Migration for Workloads/Apps/Database using Innova’s migrate methodology

With our cloud migration Pilot Implementation offering, you can benefit from:

  • A clear and actionable cloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives and priorities
  • A detailed cloud migration plan that covers all aspects of your cloud journey, from assessment and design to migration and optimization
  • A smooth and secure cloud migration process that minimizes disruption and risk to your operations and data
  • A scalable and resilient Azure landing zone that meets your performance, security, and compliance needs
  • A cost-effective and optimized cloud solution that maximizes your return on investment and enables innovation

Whether you are looking to migrate your existing applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud, or to modernize and transform them with cloud-native technologies, we can help you achieve your cloud goals with our CAF-based cloud migration offering. Contact us today to find out more