Genysys_GenAI_Accelerator: 4-Wk Proof Of Concept


Unlock the full potential of your business with our Generative AI solutions and proven accelerators, empowering enterprises to design, develop, and deploy scalable AI solutions with confidence.

Genysys is a comprehensive solution designed to harness the capabilities of various generative AI models. Its primary function is to integrate multiple generative AI models, both open-source and proprietary, into a single unified platform.

We offer consulting services to customers seeking to integrate Generative AI into their existing businesses to enhance efficiency, achieve quick turnaround times, optimize costs, and address various problems and processes, starting with a Proof of Concept (POC).

Below is a detailed breakdown of its core features:

Integration of Multiple Generative AI Models: • Diverse Model Integration: Genysys integrates more than 10 Large Language Models (LLMs) from a range of sources, offering a broad spectrum of generative capabilities. • Text and Image Generation: This tool enables the creation of both text and images using these integrated models, suitable for a wide array of use cases. User-Friendly Interface: • Intuitive UI: The interface is designed for ease of use, facilitating seamless navigation and simple model selection. • Direct Document Upload: Users can upload documents directly to the platform, making the generation process more efficient and eliminating the need for copying and pasting. Efficient Architecture: • Low-Latency Processing: Optimized for efficiency, the system ensures quick response times and low-latency processing. • Fast Generation: Its architecture supports rapid output generation, ideal for real-time or time-sensitive tasks. Versatile Applications: • Genysys is adaptable for various applications, including content generation, creative tasks, data augmentation, conversational agents, and more. • Users can customize settings to tailor outputs to specific requirements or desired styles. Seamless Connectivity: • The tool offers various connectivity options, allowing access via APIs or a web-based interface. This facilitates integration into existing workflows or applications. Security and Compliance: • Genysys incorporates robust security measures to protect user data and ensure compliance with privacy standards and regulations. Continuous Improvement: • The tool undergoes regular updates, incorporating the latest advancements in AI research to enhance its capabilities continuously. Scalability: • Its scalable infrastructure is designed to accommodate increasing usage demands without compromising on performance. Support and Documentation: • Comprehensive support is available, including detailed documentation, tutorials, and assistance, to help users maximize the tool's potential.

We leverage the following key Azure services to optimize our infrastructure, which collectively contribute to a robust and scalable platform:

  • Azure Open AI – for utilizing OpenAI gpt-3.5
  • Azure AI / ML Studio – hosting open source LLM models
  • Azure DB for Postgres - AzureSQL PostgreSQL for DB management
  • Blob Storage – Object Storage to store terraform script file.
  • Azure Files - store, manage application files.
  • Azure API Management - for efficient API management.
  • NAT Gateway - for secure internet access.
  • Azure Monitor - for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Azure Container App - for containerised applications,
  • Azure Functions - for serverless computing.
  • Azure Load Balancer - for load balancing.
  • Azure AD - for user authentication.
  • Azure DNS - for DNS management.
  • Azure Container Registry - for container image storage.
  • Azure Devops – for managing builds and deployment.

In summary, the Generative AI Accelerator Tool, Genysys, serves as a centralized hub for leveraging multiple generative AI models. It offers ease of use, rapid processing, and versatile applications, making it a valuable asset across various domains.

Our expertise spans several domains, including BFSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Automotive & Manufacturing, and Emerging Technologies.

Additionally, we have designed a solution tailored for the customer service industry. This solution aids customer service assistants by allowing them to utilize chatbots that reference documents, streamlining the process of searching for customer queries and eliminating the need for manual searching.