Cloud Organisational Readiness: 5-Day Assessment

BJSS Limited

BJSS' 120-point Cloud Organisation Readiness brings together stakeholders from across the organisation to review the platforms, processes and resources required for successful transition to the Cloud.

The BJSS service is designed to support your journey to the Cloud. The Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) enables you to understand the implications of moving existing solutions into Microsoft Azure, by using BJSS’ proven maturity assessment process to benchmark your existing technology, process and people.

The assessment considers both the technical and cultural impact on your organisation, and is uniquely structured for:

  • Identifying and understanding your position on your Cloud journey.
  • Helping you to address the cultural adoption challenge.
  • Defining business outcomes and developing strategies to avoid technical debt.
  • Running the legacy estate and roadmapping a transition to Cloud.
  • Supporting selection of appropriate applications, data and candidates for Cloud migration.
  • Embedding Agile delivery methods to enable rapid delivery.
  • Integrating and managing applications using a DevOps approach.
  • Tackling even the most complex programme tasks including migration, software development, and Cloud-native development such as Microservices, PaaS, and API services.

The BJSS CRA appraises your current ‘as is’ state and compares it with industry best practice. Existing applications, data and supporting infrastructure are reviewed to assess their suitability for migration to the Cloud.

Focusing on key areas such as people, business and finance, governance, data flows, platform security and operations, BJSS’ proven maturity mapping process delivers:

  • A gap analysis identifying any areas requiring investment and attention.
  • Recommendations for next steps.
  • Outline implementation options.