Azure Cloud Native Solution - Workshop (1 day)

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Azure Cloud native solution workshop focus on free hands-on technical workshop for all organizations/individuals to start their Cloud Native journey and take advantage of features of Azure Cloud.

Blazeclan offers this workshop to help organizations in simplifying and accelerating your journey towards modernizing your existing applications and building new apps in a cloud native way in Azure. This workshop takes deeper dive into some key Cloud Native technologies, including containerization and Kubernetes.

Azure Cloud-native applications take advantage of containers, serverless technology, microservice-based architectures, API-based solutions and managed databases to enable you to build and iterate solutions faster. With these workshops you can run any workload in the cloud with more agility, resilience and security.

Agenda for 1 day workshop :-

Cloud native Understanding (Whiteboarding + presentation)

  • Containerization & Microservice Architecture
  • Kubernetes concepts, overview & architecture
  • AKS concepts, architecture
  • Recommended architecture overview

Hands on labs with AKS to deploy a non-production application – 7 hours

  • Work with Docker images and Azure Container Registry
  • Create a Kubernetes cluster with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Deploy containers to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Step-by-step setup for deploying sample microservice in AKS.
  • Load balance containers, set up dynamic service discovery
  • Scale services
  • Perform rolling upgrades with zero downtime
  • Review Azure monitors for cluster
  • Increase the service instance from Azure portal
  • Resolve the failed provision of replicas
  • Q & A