Artemis Customer Insights: 1-day Workshop


Professional services around an NLP based solution that helps to surface emotional context from text-based interactions using various Azure Services

In business context, actionable insights with proper context is key. You can use these insights to figure out the delight and displeasure level of the customer and accordingly plan your next action. Join us with our technology experts for an interactive discussion on:

  1. Getting near real-time understanding of your customer sentiments
  2. How you measure ROI of your customer reach out programs
  3. Learn how you can enhance your customer voice listening programs
  4. Improve customer engagement based on the information shared by customer

How we help our customers serve their customers better with Artemis:

  1. Automate insight generation from customer survey and call center cases analysis
  2. Identify end consumer pain points and take necessary actions on it
  3. Maintain key client relationships
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction
  5. Reduce SG&A Cost to drive better profitability
  6. Assure cross-functional collaboration leading to better organizational efficiency

We provide professional services to advise CXOs on the technology decisions they must make to align with their business strategy and become more competitive in their markets. Through sharing of case studies and interaction with your peers, you will walk away with a firm understanding of how to develop your strategy to make the most out of your data by carefully designing a blueprint that works for you leveraging the Azure services such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Gateway Management services,, Azure SQL, Azure Datalake, Azure Blobstorage , Azure Redis Cache etc.