Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Services with Sentinel: 5-Days Workshop

Capgemini Group

SOC Microsoft Sentinel, Monitor your risks from everywhere on everything and respond to security incident

Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Services with Sentinel orchestrate the multiple roles, processes and technology needed to enable efficient incident detection, analysis and response. We continuously adapt and improve our Operating Model (People, Process and Technology) to move to a more proactive posture, as opposed to being purely defensive. Comprising a set of processes, technologies, and a team of trusted security analysts and R&D specialists, each Sentinel delivery center provides complete visibility of both an enterprise’s IT and its security system. Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s cloud-native security SIEM product, providing intelligent security analytics at scale. It complements our next generation Sentinel delivery center platform incorporating: cloud-native elasticity; embedded machine learning; cloud native storage; and advanced hunting and investigating capabilities to maximize analyst efficiency, reduce mean time to recover (MTTR), and economically scale to address ever increasing demands. With a cloud-oriented pay-as-you-go pricing model, pre-built content, and improved functionality, we ensure our clients tap into the power of cloud automation for a cost effective and scalable Sentinel Delivery Center environment. Managed Security Service Engagement Deliverables: Day 1: 24x7x365 threat monitoring Triage and escalation -tier 1 and 2 level investigation Industry threat intelligence Day 2 and 3: IR playbooks / Use case factory Remediation strategy response / post incident review reporting Trend analysis Day 4 and 5: ServiceNow response automation ticketing Robust Reporting

Pricing is an estimate and depends on customer requirements. Note: Terms, conditions and pricing are custom to each engagement.