Application Modernization: 2 Week Trial Workshop

Capstone Consulting Inc

This engagement is designed to demonstrate the ease and value Microsoft Azure and Docker containers deliver as a core part of an application modernization strategy.

Capstone Consulting will deliver a 2 week Docker Container and DevOps engagement designed to quickly demonstrate an application modernization approach for the cloud. By the end of this engagement, Capstone will have offered a simple application portfolio assessment, demonstrated a simple DevOps pipeline, installed a Docker Enterprise Edition cluster and deployed containerized applications in the Docker environment.


Week One:

  • Monday: Initial Customer Meetings
    • Current Application Environment
    • Current DevOps Pipeline
    • Application Candidates
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Docker Build and Training
    • Enterprise Edition Cluster Build
      • UCP, DTR, Worker Nodes
      • Role Based Access Control
      • Logging, Monitoring Integration
      • Orchestration: Kubernetes or Swarm
    • Cluster Trainining: Operations and App Owners
  • Thursday and Friday:
    • Application Candidate MTA
      • Docker Files
      • Stack Files
      • Application Deployment to Cluster
      • Results verification

Week Two:

  • Monday: Previous Week Review and Status
  • Tuesday:
    • MTA Training with Application Members or Teams
      • Docker Files
      • Stack Files
      • Helm Charts
  • Wednesday:
    • Orchestration
      • Kubernetes
      • Swarm
  • Thursday:
    • Solution Demonstration
  • Friday:
    • Closing discussion
    • Engagement results