Application Accelerator: 2 Week Implementation

Architech Solutions Consulting Services Inc

Deploy, configure, scale, tune, and manage apps as simple and easy as possible, allowing developers to focus higher on the technology stack.

The Application Accelerator layer builds the scaffolding that keeps all of the other layers running smoothly. It makes deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as easy as possible.

This layer enables developers to focus on innovation and on better meeting their business requirements. By providing prototypes that can be quickly validated and auto-scaled up or out, down or in, it meets demand and enables clients to customize their operating expenses.

What's Included/Outcomes:

  • Application modules and APIs written using various modern, purpose-built languages – the entire application doesn’t need to be written in a single language. This avoids enterprise lock-in to a language and versions of the language. You can write data-intensive in Python, web-facing interfaces can be done in JavaScript, and business integration can be written in Java – all within a single microservices architecture.

  • API management layers allow for better microservices architectures and the potential to monetize API services.

  • You can auto-scale up or out, down or in to respond to demand or optimize operating expenses.

  • Edge-optimized multi-regional support with web caching for application acceleration.

  • A pre-integrated design system with automated component library pipelines enables faster prototyping and release of modern and accessible user interfaces – no matter the device form factor or web framework used.

  • Allows for tokenization and extraction of CSS settings for speedier and more accurate development of front-end application interfaces.

  • Bootstrapping of essential cloud services and common services required in modern web-scale applications are optimized in Dev/QA environments for on-demand use and dedicated clustering in production environments for performance and low latency.

  • Legacy workloads are revitalized using Kubernetes containers with on-demand scalability, automated resource allocation, and load balancing.

  • Blue/Green and Canary deployments to minimize enterprise downtime and impact on developers and users.

  • Boilerplate application templates to accelerate application modernization.

In this engagement, Architech will deliver professional implementation services using the Architech DevSecOps Accelerator and the following Microsoft and/or third-party services:

  • Azure Front Door
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Storage BLOB
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Service Mesh and/or Application Gateway

This solution is designed to be an Azure consulting service. The solution covers Azure Professional services such as: Azure Digital Transformation, Azure Modernization, Cloud Transition Services, Data Estate Modernization.

Estimated length of delivery time. Price is subject to change based on the scope of engagement.