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Baseline Security for Azure: 1-Day Workshop

Cloud Essentials

This workshop covers vital steps that must be taken before any users or data are moved to the cloud. We will explore your specific security & governance needs & help you address any areas of concern.

Ensure security & compliance

Azure & Office 365 offer a rich set of security and compliance features.

Cloud Essentials can help you navigate and leverage what's available to keep your cloud services secure and compliant – even during the data and application transition period.

Our Baseline Security workshop is designed to:

  • Review your existing on-premises security needs,
  • Bring all key stakeholders in your organisation up-to-speed with the latest Microsoft security capabilities in Office 365 or Azure,
  • Identify any gaps between what you have already, vs what you'll get in the cloud, and
  • Make baseline security recommendations that should ideally be addressed before you make your move.
  • Highlight areas where you may need to bolster cloud security (e.g. Data Leak Protection or Mobile Device Management).

Security areas covered include:

  • Microsoft Trust Assurance
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Exchange Online Protection
  • AD Design & Security
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Data Classification (including Sensitivity & Retention labels)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Rights Management

Key service deliverables:

  1. A review of your existing security posture & your current & future security requirements.
  2. Structured workshops delivered to bring key stakeholders up-to-speed with the latest security services & options available in Office 365 and/or Azure.
  3. Guidance and options for configurations that will optimise your security and compliance in the cloud, tapping into features to gain more from your licence fees.
  4. Documented security settings that will form part of your audit or risk assessment and serve as a living document to track configuration changes over time.

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Workshop costs may vary depending on expenses such as travel.