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Coeo Architecture: 2-Day Workshop

Coeo Ltd

Find a data platform strategy that is cost-effective and operationally appropriate for your business.


Coeo’s architecture workshop service provides personalised and experience-based guidance to help businesses transform confidently and effectively. It reduces the time needed to make strategic technology decisions by helping leaders understand their priorities and identifying the business benefits of future investments. It then helps reduce the risk of project failure by providing technical teams with detailed design guidance about how and why to deploy a future solution. Coeo’s team bring strategic design skills that complement an organisation’s existing operational knowledge and help them build the most appropriate solution to meet their needs.

Scope and Focus

The scope of a Coeo architecture workshop is flexible and can be as broad or as deep as a specific project needs it to be. Data platform workshops often focus on the modernisation or consolidation of existing database servers, or migration of servers to the cloud. Business intelligence and analytics workshops typically help businesses understand how to prepare their operational data for analysis and then provide dashboards and interactive reports to their staff.

Coeo’s Approach

Over two days, a Coeo consultant leads your team through requirements scoping and solution design workshops. They use their hands-on technical experience and a seven-step process to provide a solution that supports both your business requirements and technical objectives.

The deliverable from this workshop is a report containing both our strategic recommendations and detailed guidance on technical design and deployment for your environment.