Business Analytics and Data Visualization : 6 Weeks Implementation

Coforge Limited

6 Week Consulting to provide insight on Business Analytics Accelerator, Quick to deploy model, Self service analysis, Real time dashboard/reports, Augmented BI, ML Support, App Integration ETC.

With data volumes growing exponentially every day, enterprises have the chance to translate raw and idle data sets into genuine value addition. However, format disparity, lack of standardization, and frequent duplication/errors stand in the way of effective data monetization. Coforge partnered with Microsoft to derive contextual answers to business problems. Aided by advanced analytics (graph, NLP, time series, etc.) machine learning, deep learning, GPU analytics, and cognitive technologies, we unlock value generation opportunities in a variety of areas using Microsoft Azure technologies. However, data is often locked in diverse systems or silos, BI tools are super expensive and takes ages to be deployed. Built on Azure data technologies and Microsoft BI we have designed a forward compliant BI reference architecture to support decision systems at enterprises, enable self-service BI, batch and real-time data analysis and reporting use cases, and ad-hoc analysis for advanced analytics and Machine Learning. Coforge - Business Analytics Suite (Monetize Studio): Monetize Studio is our unique offering that builds on the use cases for various industry segments. This also contains pre-built algorithms that can be brought in to accelerate the data science development projects. Moving data to the analytics fabric on Azure is accelerated with an extensive library of out-of-the-box connectors in ADF and extensibility to incorporate custom connectors. Coforge Business analytics accelerators helps customers implement data science use cases to generate “Actionable Insights” and take business decisions using data and with the capability to be easily integrated with Azure cloud technologies.

Our Proposition: • Business Analytics Accelerators: At Coforge we help our customers with Actionable Insights by integrating Advance analytics solution & BI on Azure, when we create a Customer 360 degree view, enable Campaign Analytics, perform Intelligent Customer Segmentation, identify Cross Sell & Upsell opportunities, build Recommendation Engine, analyse Social Media and Clickstream data, create Sales Forecast, evaluate performance using AI, hiring best talent available, retain high performing talent and help evaluate Customer Experience at multiple touch points • Get Started Quickly: Pre-built solutions on MSBI include dashboards, reports, and data models available out-of-the-box for SaaS services • Self-service analysis: Familiar data preparation experience across tools. Connectors for a broad range of data sources Create analytical spreadsheets and interactive visual reports using MSBI. • Real Time Dashboard/Reports: Track your data in real-time with support for streaming data. Drill through to underlying reports to explore and discover new insight built Power BI. • Jump Start templates: Jump start read Dashboard templates for HR, Marketing, Sales, Customer, Social Intelligence and Support services • Augmented BI: Cortana integration – with Power BI allows Cortana to access your business data. Integrated into your apps – integrate Power BI visualizations into your applications • Search & Ask: Natural Language Query – ask questions of your data in natural language with Q&A discover patterns and trends in your data automatically • ML Support: R & Python integration– import R scripts and visualizations into your reports. Import custom interactive visualizations that work and integrate like out-of-the-box visualizations • App Integration: Connector for traditional and new age data sources. Data integration connectivity through REST and PUBNUB APIs

Coforge Advantage:

• Data Visualization Center of Excellence • End-to-end Microsoft BI services portfolio with industry know-how • 20+ years of MSBI delivery experience • Lower TCO with ready to use Business Accelerators • BI Maturity assessment tools • Frameworks for Azure Cloud, IoT and Streaming data • Pre-built Domain Solutions on Microsoft Azure and Power BI for Airlines, Hospitality, Insurance, BFS Industry and other • BI workbench to reduce time to market • Security and Governance for secured access to the sensitive data • Strong Microsoft Partnership (Gold and AEMSP)