Ransomware Assessment: 4-Weeks

Collective Insights

Evaluates hybrid and Azure Active Directory configurations against leading security standards, defines common threat mitigation, develops security roadmap, and creates a ransomware recovery plan.


Active Directory plays a vital role in the client's environment of storing user identities, which makes it a prime target for ransomware attacks. Collective Insights will assess the client's security direction, including the objectives of the security environment and the current state of the client's hybrid and Azure Active Directory ecosystem, to ascertain the risks and potential impacts. In addition, the assessment includes a review of the current security capabilities of assets that handle sensitive data.

Develop recommendations for security solutions based on business security requirements, applying best practices and security standards across hybrid and Azure Active Directory ecosystem, and hardening the overall security posture by applying modern protection technologies.


This service helps clients address their concerns regarding their hybrid and Azure Active Directory security configuration, improving their security posture by mitigating common threats, providing security standards and technology recommendations.


Collective Insights develops a Finding Assessment Report based on the client's security direction and prioritized requirements, including a tailored set of recommendations for minimum security standards, best practices, and a strategic security plan and road map of prioritized security technology solutions to meet the future state of the business. A security design is created to apply standards and hardening methods across the ecosystem.