Apps Modernization POC: 4-Wk

Develonica inc.

POC of Modernization of In-house applications with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform

As a long-term Microsoft Gold Partner Develonica can help to your organization with in-house applications experience challenges dealing with

  • poor performance,
  • outdated user interface,
  • problem with data access,
  • outdated platform and there are some problems with its support,
  • licenses lack and many others.

An ideal solution to this challenges is to refresh the existing legacy applications, alongside with new functionality development (where necessary) and a new business scenarios.

Develonica offers apps modernization services in five steps.

  1. We first define the type of digital transformation and the problems that need to be solved with the stated strategy.

  2. In the second stage, we'll do an assessment and analysis of their existing applications, just to have some better understanding of what capabilities the client already has, and make recommendations on how that application can be improved.

  3. Then, we'll develop an innovation roadmap for the client, which is a step-by-step plan of how to modernize an existing application.

  4. In the fourth step, we work with the client to get the specific requirements for the application.

  5. After, we're ready to move on to step five - implementation. The project develops all the necessary applications for the client, integrates them, and then goes back to step four for the next application on the roadmap.

We realize application modernization with Microsoft tools:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform - for data storage, web application publishing and AI services.
  • Microsoft Teams - for documents management, notifications and chat-bots.
  • Microsoft Power platform - for workflows and RPA scenarios.