ACE Enterprise Foundation: 12-Wk Implementation

Devoteam France

Secure and accelerate your cloud journey with a solid cloud foundation that is fully compliant with Microsoft Enterprise Scale & Cloud Adoption Framework.

ACE Enterprise Foundation is developed by Devoteam MCloud Norway that solves challenges in relation to Hybrid Connectivity, Landing Zone Definition, Release Pipelines, Source Code repositories, Policy Enforcements, Security guidelines and Cost Management in a Microsoft Azure Foundation implementation.

The asset is built in compliance with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and the Enterprise Scale Program and incorporates all Microsoft best practices.

We help customers to Secure and accelerate their cloud journey with a solid Azure cloud foundation

Devoteam's ACE framework provides a solid enterprise-grade Azure cloud foundation adapted to your needs:  Where others use a year, we use 1-3 months  The outcome is guaranteed secure and compliant  We enable your organisation to operate and innovate confidently in the cloud.

ACE Enterprise Azure Cloud Foundation includes:

  • 300+ Design decisions
  • 500+ Azure policy controls
  • 80+ IAC implementation templates

Assessment A thorough assessment of the organisation's needs, challenges and requirements.

Decisions Design decisions and recommendations to ensure the right structures.

Workshops Enable your organisation to operate confidently in the cloud through a series of workshops.

Implementation An infrastructure-as-code (IaC) implementation, building a compliant and secure cloud foundation.

Templates IaC templates to immediately deploy landing zones according to design decisions.

The Outcome is

Acceleration ACE Enterprise Cloud Foundation is built on the ACE framework's uniquely structured approach, including best practices, experience, standardization and automation, ensuring consistency in security and compliance. This enables you to utilize the cloud quicker, allowing you to be more agile and to quickly innovate, adapt and respond to market demands.

Competence Through sprints and workshops, we give your organisation a thorough introduction to every part of your solution. Not only do we transform your digital infrastructure – we strengthen the digital competency in the organisation, enabling you to operate securely and confidently in the cloud.

Control Because of the thorough delivery and the organisation's strengthened competence, you will have complete control over cost, compliance and security. We use standardized and native tooling instead of proprietary solutions, so you avoid lock-in and can operate and manage your own cloud solutions.