Cryptographic Risk Assessment


Get an assessment of the cryptographic health of your Microsoft environment: Azure, ADCS, InTune, Windows

Entrust performs cryptography and PKI risk assessments of your Microsoft environment providing visibility, expertise, & compliance best practices from security experts. Enabling you to get your digital environment under control and build a roadmap for remediation.

Weak or undetected crypto leaves critical IT infrastructure vulnerable to attack making it critical to discover all cryptographical instances used in your WSTEP, InTune, Azure, ADCS, network, hosts & applications and bring them where they can be monitored and brought into compliance.

Choose a service offering:

• Crypto Health Check - Delivers full & accurate cryptographical inventory and roadmap to remediate cryptographical vulnerabilities, uncovers hidden crypto, expert-by-your-side, best practices

• Crypto Governance Consulting - Guidance and support on policies and procedures, processes and people who define and implement the controls around cryptographic systems

• PKI Governance Health Check - Review your PKI policy documentation & compare against best practices, standards, business use cases, & applications. Delivers formal documentation to close procedural gaps and reduce risk

• PKI Systems Health Check - Asses the status of existing PKI implementations to help ensure it meets current and future business requirements

• PKI Governance Consulting - Expert support for defining PKI policies, roles, and procedures according to best practices

Adopting tools that help organizations uncover where and how cryptography is used throughout your Microsoft environment has become a necessity. On their own, key algorithms, libraries, and cryptography are no guarantee of security. As critical infrastructure, crypto requires expertise and dedicated resources to bring it under control. Learn more about doing a crypto risk assessment and establishing best practices for your Microsoft environment.

Multiple Offerings, starting at $3,400

NOTE: Terms, conditions and pricing are custom to each engagement