Responsible AI Advisory: 1-Month Assessment

EPAM Systems

We offer maturity assessments to help you understand your organization’s readiness for AI adoption using Microsoft Azure

EPAM created a free Responsible AI Assessment,* which is meant to encompass global regulatory compliance requirements directionally, as well as assist clients in identifying risk areas where implementation may deviate from stated or intended responsible AI development best practices. Leveraging EPAM’s deep technology, legal and data scientist expertise, the assessment is aimed to provide anyone participating in the design and creation of AI technology with a resource to manage risks and promote trustworthy and responsible development and use of AI systems on Microsoft Azure.

This quick assessment helps you understand how your AI systems, or hypothetical AI use cases, stand up to regulatory and technical risks based on jurisdiction and industry. After the assessment is completed, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of your responses and mitigation recommendations designed to pinpoint areas of improvement. Our team of Microsoft Azure AI experts will provide insights into your score, as well as guidance and recommendations for how to rethink your AI products and align with best practices for developing responsible AI technology adoption.