Azure AKS Kubernetes Review: 3-5 Days Assessment

Hostersi Sp. z o.o.

Azure AKS Kubernetes Review help you accelerate your native Azure AKS Kubernetes cloud projects. Our skills will make your projects successful!

Within the consulting service, Hostersi provide assistance in designing Azure AKS Kubernetes cluster based solutions as well as additional related services: • project analysis and support • environment analysis • recommendations regarding the platform configuration • implementation of the client's software in the Kubernetes environment The activities described above are carried out by our DevOps specialists in close cooperation with the client's developers to ensure knowledge transfer within the team and sharing best practices in the utilization and configuration of Azure AKS Kubernetes resources. The outcome of the analysis is a documentation containing change recommendations, guidelines for modifying the infrastructure and installing additional elements tailored to the client’s expectations and business requirements.

Analysis scope

  1. Azure AKS Kubernetes cluster overview
  2. The current state of the Kubernetes cluster
  3. Security requirements and currently implemented solutions
  4. Estimated / planned costs of the cluster and their characteristics
  5. Monitoring / alerting methods and tools
  6. Readiness of the client application to use Kubernetes / Docker
  7. CI / CD process
  8. Configuration related problems