DevOps App Mod with GitHub & Azure: 4wk Imp.

InCycle Software

Implementation of key DevOps patterns and practices using GitHub repositories, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, and GitHub Packages to manage artifacts.

Looking to improve the speed at which you deliver new features? Feeling the pressure of innovating while maintaining a stable and reliable application experience? Achieve these objectives by modernizing your DevOps patterns and practices using GitHub, Azure and InCycle's proven approach and advanced Accelerators.

This package delivers the implementation of key DevOps patterns and practices using GitHub repositories, CI/CD delivery with GitHub Actions, and artifact management with GitHub Packages. Also included, is a PoC implementation of Dev/Test environments on Azure. Final scope is determined based on app or component complexity.

Project Phases & Deliverables:

  • ID Business drivers
  • Intro to GitHub & DevOps (target practices)
  • Review Application
  • Refine strategy and scope
  • Source code integration or migration (from TFVC, SVN or other tools)
  • CI/CD automation with GitHub Actions or integration with existing CI/CD platform (Teamcity, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Environment provisioning automation
  • Conclusion
  • Results presentation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Next steps identification
  • Support and mentoring

Optional Deliverables:

  • Azure governance strategy and implementation
  • GitHub organizational/projects strategy implementation
  • Work management strategy and implementation using GitHub Project and Issues