Enterprise Azure Landing Zone: 4-Wk Implementation


Launch and deploy workloads and applications with speed and confidence by building and implementing Azure landing zone.

As an Azure Expert MSP with 6 Advanced Specializations, Infopulse will help you create a landing zone and migrate your workloads to Azure.

What makes Infopulse different is that we use the most applicable implementation scenarios that match your business objectives. Our Azure Landing Zone package is designed in accordance with the best Microsoft practices with a guaranteed and consistent solution delivery.

Azure landing zone is a scalable and modular environment for hosting your workloads and applications. Our solution offers various implementation scenarios to fit your organization’s business goals and technical requirements. This allows for the efficient migration of workloads in accordance with your policies and standards.

Infopulse Azure Landing Zone offering will help you implement a standard landing zone to migrate your workloads and applications to Azure based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure.

The solution package covers the following activities:

Onboarding activities*:

  • Management Groups
  • Subscription Structure
  • Tagging Standards
  • Resource Groups
  • Enterprise Enrollment

Governance activities*:

  • Azure Policies
  • Cost Management
  • Secure Network
  • Security Center
  • Azure Defender
  • Azure Sentinel

Infrastructure & Operations activities*:

  • VPN or ExpressRoute
  • Azure Monitor
  • Log Analytics
  • Platform Automation / DevOps

*Find the full list of activities in the attached image.


  • Azure Landing Zone package for Enterprise
  • Azure Landing Zone architecture documentation
  • Workshop and knowledge transfer to your IT operations team, delivered by a Solutions Architect and a Certified Trainer

Core tools and technologies:

  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Azure Blueprints, Policy, Templates
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Migrate, ASR, Backup
  • Azure Firewall, NSG, VPN, ExpressRoute
  • Azure Security Center

Note: the estimated price does not include Azure licenses.