Migrate to Azure Web Apps: 7-Day Assessment


Modernise your web application to use Azure App Service/Web Apps

Although migrating your web app to Azure using a lift and shift migration can offer benefits over your existing infrastructure, the true value is seen when it is modernised to utilise Azure platform services. Such benefits include performance and scalability along with increased security and agility.

This assessment analyses your existing ASP.NET MVC web application and assesses the viability of migrating it to Azure Web Apps.

Before commencing the engagement, we will agree on the web application to assess and the scope of our analysis.

This 7 day engagement will:

  • Provide you with an assessment of your web application's compatibility with Azure Web Apps. We look at multiple factors that impact compatibility such as run time support, configuration settings, session state, file persistence, logging, port bindings and use of the Global Assembly Cache.

  • Review the dependencies that your web application has on other services (such as database servers for example)

  • Consider and advise on factors around the choice of App Service (Web App) Plan, security and networking in Azure

  • Assess the level of configuration and code changes that may be required in order to migrate to Azure Web Apps


Days 1 - 4

We will conduct workshops with your subject matter experts and review your technical documentation to understand:

  • Your application's current architecture

  • How your application is currently hosted

  • Your existing web apps's functional and non-functional requirements

We will also require access to an instance of your web app located in a dev/test environment.

We then analyse the discovery information collected above. This may involve us requesting further workshops or information about your existing solution design.

Days 5 - 7

Creation and delivery of a viability/feasibility document covering our findings from the above analysis.

We also host a workshop to take you through our findings and recommended next steps.